Israeli Korindo Aikido Federation has 5 branches:

Senior Coach:
Sensei Shlomo David
7th Dan

Rishon Letzion
Mahon Eitan Branch
16 Zabotinski st.
Senior Coach: Shlomo David
Sensei:Enriko Levkovitz
tel: 054-3096562

Samurai Dojo
5 Corazin st.
Senior Coach: Shlomo David
tel: 054-3096562

Beer Sheva
Meitar Branch
Sensei: Karel Rish
tel: 08-6510569

Petah Tikva
'Rondo' Aikido Branch
Sensei: Ran Liron
tel: 03-9309504

Hod Hashron
The Democratic School branch
54 Habanim st.
Senior Coach: Shlomo David Sensei: Ruth and Eli Gur
tel: 054 3096562
     054 4994925

'Korindo" Aikido is an original and unique martial discipline established in Japan in 1938 by O-Sensei Minoru Hirai(1903-1998). This traditional system was influenced by classical Japanese martial arts such as Togun-Ryu, Takaneuchi-Ryu, Nito-Ryu, Suburi-Ryu and Kito-Ryu.

This unique system is characterized by soft movement workouts; complex hip movement and special Tai-Sabaki sophisticated techniques.

As a way of learning, Korindo Aikido combines universal principles and values together with the practical scientific and technical principles of fighting and the superior strategies of war while preserving the culture and the long-standing traditions of classical martial arts in Japan.

As a traditional martial art, Korindo Aikido engages the following martial arts:

  • Tai-Jutsu: body art
  • Jo-Jutsu: stick fighting art
  • Bo-Jutsu: staff fighting art
  • Hambo-Jutsu: short staff fighting art
  • Ken Jutsu: sword fighting art
  • Kodachi Jutsu: short sword fighting art
  • Nito: Two swords fighting art
  • Iai-Jutsu: Fast drawing and cutting art
  • So-Jutsu: Spear art
  • Tanto-Jutsu: knife fighting art
  • Naginata-Jutsu: halberd fighting art
  • Ksari-gama-Jutsu: chain and sickle fighting art

Aikido's uniqueness lies in the successful joining of superior technical forms and the spiritual and philosophical aspects of being and their adaptation to personal and social needs in modern times.

Representative of Korindo Aikido in Israel: Shihan Shlomo David 7th Dan Certified by Dai Nippon Butokukai,
                                                                                             7th Dan Certified by Dai Nippon Korinkai.