The Power of Love

He swiftly walked, almost sliding like a "Noh" player. There was no tension, only complete relaxation in the way he held his body, walking, sitting and talking which he rarely did. There was much nobility in his body's gesture, and yet so much humbleness. Always looking straightforward but yet seeing, aware of everything… His gentle smile did not convey embarrassment of the big crowd, the events of intense powerful demonstrations of hundreds of martial artists. This gentle smile was like that of a father seeing those people as his own children, admiring and loving them, seeing everything beneath the surface. But something else and very delicate he carried within him. I wonder how many people noticed it; this delicate like cloud surrounding him, wrapping and spreading all over the Butokuden and over all the people that were gathered there, erupting from his heart, hugging with so much love, compassion, tolerance and acceptance.

But when the dusk of the big events of the World Butoku Sai in Kyoto dawned, what was left? What is this gentle but enormous power that keeps growing and extending more and more as time passes. It is within me and I hope within others too. This is the power of love. We all have it, but mostly hidden, constrained and we share it so little.

Who is the source which affected, ignited and filled all of us with such understanding and power. It is Royal Highness Shinmon, the son and successor of His Royal Highness, Sosai, Higashi Fushimi, Jigo.

Shlomo David

* His Royal Highness, Sosai, Higashi Fushimi, Jigo. has retired and His Royal Highness, Sosai, Higashi Fushimi, Jigo, is presently the chief abbot of Shorenin Temple and the Governor of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.