All of you are right

One day at the Dojo, three senior students came forward before O Sensei Hirai (the founder of Korindo Aikido) asking him to judge who in his opinion performed a specific Tai Sabaki technique most accurately.

Hirai asked the first one to demonstrate his style. At the end of his performance he asked O Sensei Hirai, "What do you think of my style?", "Very good" was Hirai's answer. The second student then went on to execute the same technique, and at the end asked Hirai Sensei, "How was my performance?" Hirai answered, "Excellent". Finally the third student did his version of the Tai Sabaki technique, and again when Hirai Sensei was asked what he thought of the quality of his style, he answered, "Your style is wonderful".
The three senior students left the scene very confused.

"Ichi Nin Ichi Ryu" (Each man his own style) - Minoru Hirai Sense