Hai Sensei Yes, Teacher

During one of my classes at the Korindo Tokyo Dojo, I was practicing an Aiki Jujutsu technique with my partner. I was being observed by a 6th Dan instructor who was assistant to the teacher in charge that day. He approached me and corrected my style; I bowed to him saying Hai Sensei, and continued following his advice.

Later the Senior teacher, 8th Dan this time, came to watch me. He suggested a different approach. I bowed to him respectfully saying Hai Sensei, and continued my workout, this time adopting his suggestion.

Not long after that, the assistant instructor came back again and, seeing my workout, scolded me and asked me why I wasn't following his instructions anymore. I bowed to him saying Hai Sensei and continued my practice the way he had indicated... Shortly after, the senior teacher came back to watch my workout and asked me why I had changed his directives. I bowed deeply to him saying Hai Sensei and changed my style again. I kept on with my practice and shortly after, the assistant came back again to reprimand me, and then of course, the teacher followed. For more than half an hour back and forth they kept coming back, and each time I bowed to them saying "Hai Sensei" doing exactly what I was taught respectfully by each of the two teachers, without pronouncing a word or allowing any emotions to show… "Hai Sensei...