Slomo David with his teacher Yoshimi Osawa 10th dan

Shirokan Dojo holds Judo classes for children and adults. The classes are given with the traditional

Japanese spirit and values and with personal attention to each trainee.

Judo is a combative sport that evolved from the classical Japanese Jujutsu. It is specialized in throwing techniques, ground wrestling, chokes and arm locks.

Judo builds physical fitness, physical awareness, better coordination, stability, self-confidence and it is highly effective for fighting at close range. It develops a better social interaction, self-discipline, concentration and a fighting spirit.

Judo develops and teaches how to use the whole physical and mental potential in the most effective way to the benefit of the individual and society.

Shirokan Dojo holds once a month Judo training for Black Belts members of the Traditional Israeli Judo Organization which is a branch of the exclusive Japanese body Dai Nippon Butokukai. The Israeli Branch will receive new members that have Black Belt Grades and with recommendation only.

Senior Teacher: Kyoshi Shlomo David 6th Dan.