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Behind the Bow

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  Hai Sensei Yes, Teacher
  All of you are right

Korindo Aikido

This is the first published book that unveils the secrets of the Korindo Aikido method to the public.

Korindo Aikido is a unique martial discipline founded by Sensei Minoru Hirai (1902-1998) in Shizouka, Japan in 1938. It is a traditional method that maintains both the secrets and high strategy principles of a real practical martial art together with the mental and spiritual teachings, keeping an open mind to modern life and its needs.

Korindo Aikido is infinitely rich in its technical curriculum, both empty handed and with weaponry. It is a method and an art that carries within it the true essence of all martial arts.


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Gyaku Ude Garami
Hadaka Jime
Iso Gaeshi
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