Kobujutsu means old martial arts; it is related to old Ryu-Ha classic schools or styles of martial arts, which were founded and operated during the feudal era of Japan, mostly between the 15th to 19th centuries.

Some of them are still alive and are being continuously taught in Japan; they still keep the old tradition and the original curriculum of techniques, kata teaching and methods of training. These schools or styles were founded by remarkable samurais with a real combat experience and geniality and were taught only to the military class warriors mostly of their clan. These styles were taught exclusively for one purpose only - fighting in real situations in a battlefield. The schools mastered and taught mainly weapons art but some of them also taught empty handed techniques in their curriculum. Each different school has its secrets, its unique way of practicing and a different doctrine; most of them specialize in a certain weapon or more than one, and some were specialized in empty handed combats as well.

Shirokan Dojo with Shihan Shlomo David as its head, experiences and deals with katas, special techniques and wisdom and knowledge of varied Ryu-Ha such as:

  • Araki Ryu
  • Eishin-Ryu
  • Itto-Ryu
  • Jikishin-Ryu
  • Katori Shinto-Ryu
  • Kito-Ryu
  • Kumagawa-Ryu
  • Muso Shinto Ryu
  • Niten ichi nin-Ryu
  • Takaneuchi-Ryu
  • Ten Jin Shinyo-Ryu
  • Toda-Ryu

as well as the original Korindo Aikido special weaponry katas and doctrines.
Special weaponry classes are held for the senior and advanced students of the dojo as well as in annual seminars and gashuku training camps.